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Terms of Service


Terms of Service updated on 05/10/18.


Site Name and References

A Goat Named Bux is one part of the "A Goat Named" group, which also includes A Goat Named Penny Giveaways.  You may see references to both sites throughout this website. 



All purchases made on our site are made with the understanding that a full return on investment is not garaunteed. Purchases are also made with the understanding that, under normal circumstances, it can take up to 24 hours to get a payment processed and your account updated (though we aim to complete payments in an hour where possible). In exceptional cases it may take longer, for example when there is no person present to manage the site.

Should a player apply for a chargeback against our site after their purchase has been processed, said member will not be able to add any further funds.

In the case of all site owners and administrators having died, no payments will be processed.


Refund Policy

All purchases made on the site are made with the understanding that payments are only refundable (in full minus the payment processor fees) up until the point of processing. Processing is defined as “the point at which a payment has been reviewed by the AGoatNamedBux staff and the purchased services have been credited to the buyer’s account”. After processing and the delivery of the purchased service(s) to the buyer’s account, payments are then non-refundable. Accidental purchases will also only be refunded up until the point of processing, after which an accidental purchase cannot be refunded. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the service they are ordering is the desired service.

All purchases of site funds ("purchase balance") made on A Goat Named Bux are made with the understanding that, once purchased funds have been used, they cannot be refunded. We offer a 14 day change-of-mind policy on any unused purchase balance funds that were paid for using a payment processor. After these 14 days no refunds will be given out. To apply for a refund, users must send us a support ticket via the relevent support forms. Please note that any processing fees will be passed onto the member. Furthermore a refund can only be offered when the user’s purchase balance funds are greater than or equal to the minimum deposit for the payment processor.



Members may request payments at an account balance of just $0.10. It is not necessary to post a proof of your payment to receive subsequent payments. However, not posting a payment proof of your previous payment will result in a higher processing fee. Processing fees (on top of the base processing rate) are as follows:

A payment request between $0.10 and $1.99 will incur a 50.0% processing fee

A payment request between $2.00 and $2.99 will incur a 25.0% processing fee

A payment request between $3.00 and $4.99 will incur a 10.0% processing fee

A payment request between $5.00 and $9.99 will incur a 5.0% processing fee

A payment request between $10.00 and $39.99 will incur a 3.0% processing fee

A payment request besteem $40.00 and $50.00 will incur a 2.0% processing fee

After your first payment, a payment request made without posting proof of the last payment will incur an additional 15% processing fee. This fee will also be implemented if you have missed posting any prior proofs. You must post a proof for every payment you make if you wish to avoid the additional fee.

Withdrawals are manually processed and we aim to complete them within a week, although during busy periods this may run over. We will not accept any disputes to the processing fee; it is our members’ responsibility to read and understand these terms and failure to do so—and failure to hence rectify this—is the fault of the member, not the site. Processing fees may change at any time. Furthermore, if a member makes a withdrawal request which, after withdrawal fees are applied, is less than zero (i.e. a negative balance), the withdrawal will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

Withdrawals may not be cancelled by the member.

In the case of members who have added funds to their account using a payment processor, withdrawals cannot be made to the member until 120 days (or more) have passed since the member added funds. Should a member request a withdrawal during this “cool off” period, the withdrawal will be cancelled without refund to the member’s account balance.

In the case of all site owners and administrators having died, no payments will be processed.



If anyone is caught cheating or attempting to do so, their account will be terminated without warning and all funds and purchases on said account will be lost. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to: using any artificial process to click adverts; submitting fake information for account details; using Paid To Sign Up offers to promote your referral link in order to win a competition; installing any malicious software onto our site or attempting to hijack / hack into the site; using multiple accounts to earn more money or hiring/employing/compensating others to sign up under your referral link to earn you extra revenue.

Any user using the same password as their upline/downline will be deleted, hence we recommend using a complex password, ideally a random combination of letters and numbers.

When viewing adverts, every member must read all of the advert details before viewing, including the advert description. Failure to do so may lead to suspension. Suspended members will have their account balance, pending withdrawals and points reset to zero. All funds in the user’s purchase balance and any other purchases—adverts, referrals, etc—will be left as they were at the time of the suspension.

A suspended user may have their account unsuspended once. A suspended user who has previously been suspended will not be unsuspended and their account will be deleted. 

By joining the site all users agree to this action. Suspensions may be challenged however we reserve the right to not unsuspend a member if we believe said member has been exploiting our services and cheating the site's system.



No investment in the site is necessary to use the site or withdraw funds. Members do not need to own a website or sell products to use our site. We are merely an advertising platform and you will be rewarded in accordance with the time you put into our site, based on the above and below rules. We are not affiliated with our advertisers, with the exception of our sister sites. You do not need to download any files to use our site. You must however make an account in order to earn with us.

One reason that your account may be deemed suspicious is if you have a high number of direct referrals, especially if these referrals are caught using autoclick software. It is your responsiblity to ensure that your direct referrals are legitimate people and we accept no responsibility for lost accounts due to cheating downlines.



We welcome members from all countries. Members must be active once every two weeks in order to use the site. Inactive accounts will be irreversibly deleted from the server. All members must exist solely to earn their own income and accounts may not be created with the intent of helping another member.


Advertisement Regulations

All adverts must not contain pornographic, vulgar, racist, adult or otherwise inappropriate content or frame breakers. They must not install or encourage virus and other malware onto our members’ computers. They may only have one popup/popunder, and these must not open new windows on our members’ computers. Adverts cannot include the word “cheat” in their title or descriptions. Any adverts that do not comply with these regulations will be deleted without a refund.



We will never send out spam emails or sell your email address to spam companies. We will only ever contact you via email for important matters.


Multiple Accounts

You may create more than one account per household or IP. However, it is your responsibility to inform us of this as soon as you sign up or our accounts may be deleted, for suspicion of multi-accounting. Any accounts sharing a password at sign up will also be deleted without warning. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered. Furthermore, only one withdrawal can be made per IP address per month. Any requested withdrawals after the first will not be paid out nor refunded. If using a shared internet/Wi-fi network, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they are the first withdrawal of the month.


Pricing & Stability

On paper our site is 100% stable, however this is based on a set number of advertisers and upgrades. Hence, prices for certain features—upgrades, adverts and referrals—may fluctuate (fall or rise) throughout the course of the site’s lifetime to ensure the site remains stable. Should it ever transpire that the site can no longer cover its costs then the site may close. All purchases are at the buyer’s risk and in the event of the site closing, no refunds will be given; you upgrade or invest for long durations at your own risk. If a withdraw is requested and funds are not available, the funds will be returned to the user's account balance with a 5% bonus added as compensation.


Change of Terms

This agreement may change over time as the site grows. It is the members’ responsibility to ensure that they are always up to date with the TOS. We will try to give out notice if there are any amendments however we are not responsible if you miss an update to the Terms and Conditions of Service. You agreed to these terms at signup to our site, and continuing to use the site means that you have read and accept all of the above terms. If you do not accept a term, you may not use our services.