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Sad News
Published on 06-10-2018

Hi everyone,


Due to a lack of funding to pay the costs for running the site and paying our members, we have sadly decided to close Bux down. This is not a decision we have taken lightly and it is breaking our hearts to do so.


No more withdrawals will be paid, however any users who invested in our site will be allowed to claim back the difference between their deposits and their withdrawals. Please open a support ticket in the next week to do so if this affects you. We don’t want anyone to be left out-of-pocket financially by this.


A not-so-happy Sunday,



TOS update
Published on 05-10-2018

Hi all,


The ToS have been updated. Please ensure you read them before using the site.


Happy Friday,



Big Birthday Giveaway #3
Published on 24-09-2018

Hey all!


For the final celebration, we are offering our biggest offer yet:


All deposited funds will now be doubled, free of charge! This means you'll get twice as many funds for your dollars. On top of the other offers, you can essentially get memberships for 75% OFF!


Members of the site have collectively saved over $1,503 with this promotion! So don't miss out on your chance to join this figure!


This offer will only run until 11:59:59 tonight, so be quick!



Big Birthday promo #2
Published on 23-09-2018

Whoops, I forgot to update the birthday promo! In any case, here is the second offer:

Rented referral extensions are now cheaper, going as low as $0.06 per month!

Happy extending!


Big Birthday Promo!
Published on 21-09-2018

Hi everyone!


We needed an excuse for another promotion. And now we’ve got one!


My baby sister’s birthday is on Saturday 22nd Of September. So, to celebrate that, we are going to have a long weekend of offers! Every day will be a new amazing offer, so check the forums to see what’s available on that day!


To start the ball rolling, here’s our first huge promo:


All memberships are half price! Along with the traditional packages, this also includes our Clicker-Goat package for those of you who like old-School earnings without the hassle of referrals. With this massive discount, you could make a minimum of 233% return on your investment in just one week!


Dont miss out!