Frequently Asked Questions
How can I make money with AGoatNamedBux?

We offer our members the chance to earn money through multiple methods. At the minute, we offer numerous methods for earning money, including: viewing our sponsors' adverts on the "View Ads" page; making use of our referrals system; earning points to convert into dollars; playing in our "Jackpot" game; and playing our "Coin Toss" game. Please note that the latter two earning options are games of chance and that it is possible to lose money with these games too, so when the fun stops, please stop.

How do direct and rented referrals earn me money?

Direct referrals are real site members who signed up using your unique referral link. They can also be purchased from us for a small fee.

Rented referrals are real site members who you “hire” to work for you.

When one of your referrals clicks and views a referral advert, they will get paid for viewing that advert. Based on your membership, you will also receive a commission for their click worth up to 100% of the click value.

Some sites use a bot system to artificially create referrals. This can be an easy way for sites to rip off members by selling rented or direct referrals that will never earn enough to make you a profit. We do not do this as we value our members’ loyalty more than making a quick buck.

For more help, please see our guide to using referral systems here.

How do you ensure the site is stable?

We have a wonderful system in place so that we can be confident the site will be stable.

The main problem many PTC sites face is that their referral systems run a loss. Supposedly experienced admins complain about having to pay their members unlimited returns for a small investment and argue that it is in no way possible. We do not have this issue.

For our "elder" advertisements, which do not earn referral earnings, our members receive a very large portion of the amount the advertiser paid for that ad.

For our other advertisements, things are a little more complicated. 20% of the advert fee is paid directly to the clicker (you) and the other 80% goes to referral earnings, so that every referral click has already been paid for. These values are based on the biggest advertisement package with the best discount per click; our profits—which go to site management—come from the advertisers who pay a slightly higher fee for their adverts and from the banner adverts that we display on the site. We also earn money from people who only click a few adverts before quitting the site and don’t cash out their earnings.

Hence, on paper at least, the site is fully stable.

Why do I need to click adverts to earn from my referrals?

The "click to earn" system on our website is a wonderful thing. At first it may seem a nuisance to have to click seven adverts daily to earn from your referrals, however let us explain the reasoning before you frown upon the system.

Our referrals are all real people. We do not use any "bot systems" like some sites, since these are often just scams. However by using real people we cannot garauntee how active your referrals will be. This is where the seven click requirement comes into a class of its own. If one of your referrals also has referrals themselves, they will also need to click seven adverts to earn money. This means that each one of your referrals has the potential to easily click an average of seven adverts a day (if not more).

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you have a referral who is clicking seven referral adverts, valued at up to $0.01 per click to you, you could earn up to $0.07 per referral per day. This would earn you over $2 per referral per month. If you had the maximum of 2500 referrals, plus 200 direct referrals, this would hence earn you up to $5400 per month or nearly $64000 per year!

As such, we are proud of our system since it is a wonderful earning opportunity for all members. The seven click requirement also means that even members on the newborn membership can earn a decent income from their referrals! This does depend, of course, on the current availability and value of adverts though and we cannot garauntee this level of earning.

Why have I received a prize in the points contest that is of lesser value than I was expecting?

The winners list in the points contest is only a guide to the prize you can expect to receive. This is due to the nature of manual deposits; when a payment is manually processed the purchaser still earns points but these are not tracked by the system and, as such, do not appear on the point contest rankings. Hence if you have received a prize of lesser value than you were expecting, you were most likely overtaken in earnings by someone else.

Why have my purchased funds / upgrade not been added to my account yet?

In order to ensure legitimate use of the site and keep AGoatNamedBux fully stable for the long term, the add funds and upgrade features must be manually processed to ensure that all transactions are legitimate. We aim to update your account as soon as we can, and this should be within an hour or two during our working day (7AM to 11PM London Time). For the 9 hours outside of this time, however, we may not see your request instantly and so it could take a little longer to process the transaction. If it has been over 12 hours since you added funds and you have not recieved anything, however, then please send us a support message to check what's going on!

Why can I not withdraw funds until I reach a certain level of clicks?

Here at AGoatNamedBux, we are all about rewarding our loyal members. Furthermore, we are constantly trying to ensure site stability and profitability for our members. This is where the withdraw limit comes into play.

The withdraw limit changes frequently and is based on the number of adverts available for viewing. The limit is roughly equivalent to three weeks of work on our site, ie. the number of adverts multiplied by 21 days. This system also ensures that the site is stable as we only pay out our loyal, most valued members and not just new users who play for a quick buck or two.

I have lost rented and/or direct referrals. Why?

All of the referrals available on our site are real people. Unfortunately, real people can lose interest in paid to click sites. or can otherwise try to cheat our system and scam everyone else out of money. As such, we routinely monitor our users and delete any accounts which we deem to be fraudulent. Unfortunately, if you have referrals, this may mean you lose some.

My account was deleted! What now?

If your account was deleted, then there is unfortunately no way for us to recover it. We take account deletions very seriously and only do so when we have a serious reason to suspect cheating.