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Started by admin 2018-06-21 at 09:08
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I order to make the most out of paid-to-click sites, members should have the main goal of upgrading their account. By upgrading their accounts, our members can get access to a host of improved premium features. However when you are starting out in the PTC world or even just trialling a new website, knowing which package to choose can be troublesome. So, to help you out, we decided to explain how best to choose which package suits your needs.

The main question we need to ask to begin with is, what are your goals? What do you want to get from the site? If you are only after a few extra pennies to buy that extra packet of candy per month, for example, you don’t really need an upgrade. The free standard membership will be fine. However if you are looking to earn more—right up to thousands of dollars per year profit—you are going to need an upgrade.

Next, you need to ask: do I want referrals, be they rented or direct?

If you don’t like to use the referral system and are only here for the adverts, no worries. In this case, we recommend our Clicker-Goat package at only $1.50 per week. The Clicker-Goat upgrade gives you access to a special set of advertisements which are more valuable than our standard adverts. We garauntee a minimum daily earning potential of at least $0.25, which ensures that this package can always be profitable and, critically, it is always more profitable than the free membership too. Often, though, we offer adverts in the range of $0.30 to $0.35 per day!

If you are after bigger earnings, however, you need to make use of our contests or our referral systems (the latter being a more regular income). For these strategies you need to consider how many referrals you can buy at a time. If you are on a budget you can start with our smallest package —doeling—and continue to rent referrals until you reach the maximum. At this point you can then upgrade to the next package—doe—and continue renting referrals until you again reach the max. You can then finally upgrade to our final package—elder—and work up to the very maximum number of referrals. However this will take a long time and you will be waiting for many weeks to build up to this number of referrals, so if you have a larger budget and want income more immediately we recommend purchasing a top-level upgrade (elder) and purchasing a special referral package of up to 2,500 referrals at a time from our advertising page. Buying the referrals in one big load like this is more expensive but will mean you get the most out of your upgrade fee and will allow you to earn big bucks faster.

For more information on getting started and renting/buying referrals, please see the other topics in the hints and tips forum category.
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